In many casinos, surveillance and security officers have not had basic training with regards to evidence handling. Since this is such a vital aspect of the casino business, it is important for these employees to know what to do and what not to do should the situation where evidence handling ever occur. In addition to surveillance and security officers, executives in the pits and slots as well as many other employees that could investigate should be trained on this procedure.

The Basic Definition Of Evidence

The typical definition of evidence is that which establishes or falsifies truth. Evidence is the procedure by which facts are proven to be true or false in a court of law within a country with an established judicial system. It helps prosecute criminals and protect the innocent. As a result, it is vital to know the proper handling of evidence in any type of job.

The Purpose

Evidence has two purposes in the casino surveillance industry, to protect the assets and liabilities of the casino and other areas of the organization and successfully prosecute criminal activity that occurs on the groups of the establishment. The most successful cases end in a guilty plea by the perpetrator which requires clear and complete evidence. Also, everything must be completely and thoroughly documented.

Reports from different departments and the surveillance report that outlines, in detail, the actions taken by the perpetrator must be completed, reviewed, and signed off upon by the proper supervisors. Any missing detail can be detrimental to the overall case against the guest.

Errors In Evidence Handling

When faults in the handling of evidence occur, defense attorneys, question the reliability, its preservation, and the overall competency of those that gathered it. These errors can result in the criminal being set free or prosecutors completely denying the case. There are many instances in the casino industry where cheats and thieves who were caught on tape have been released due to an inconsistency found in surveillance procedure that resulted in the case being dropped.

Correct evidence handling and complete documentation written by employees are some of the most important aspects of running a casino. Everything must be detailed and accurate in order to have strong evidence in the courtroom to sentence any perpetrators. More casinos should develop procedures on how to properly handle evidence in the case of an issue on the casino floor.

A Look At Evidence Handling